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East Meadow Kiwanis 2014 Golf Outing News At the Eisenhower Park Red Course.$200 Includes: Beverage Station, Lunch, Green Fees and more. Jul 21, 2014
On The Border - EMK Give Back Night! News 10% of Lunch and dinner receipts will be given back to EMK! Jun 23, 2014 Jul 29, 2014
Pay for Your 2014-15 Installation Journal Advertisement Here! Home Pay For Your 2013-14 Installation Journal Advertisement Here! Aug 8, 2012
Scavenger Hunt! August 24th News Come down for some East Meadow Kiwanis fun as we scavenger hunt in the East Meadow community! Aug 1, 2012 Aug 25, 2012
Kids head north to Kamp Kiwanis News The East Meadow chapter sent 28 disadvantaged kids this year to summer camp. Jul 18, 2012
Dine Out for East Meadow Kiwanis Fundraiser! News East Meadow Kiwanis fundraiser at Ruby Tuesday of Westbury. May 29, 2012 Jun 21, 2012
We Are One Kiwanis News Mar 27, 2012
April- Turn Back The Clock Month- East Meadow Kiwanis 60th Anniversary Home April- Turn Back The Clock Month- East Meadow Kiwanis 60th Anniversary Mar 19, 2012 May 1, 2012
Fundraiser to Benefit the Ataxia Foundation News Fundraiser to Benefit the Ataxia Foundation in the name of Jim D. Richards Mar 6, 2012 Mar 19, 2012
East Meadow Kiwanis 2012 Golf Outing News Please support the East Meadow Kiwanis 2012 Golf Outing! Feb 22, 2012 Jul 24, 2012
Membership Round-Up 2012! News Membership Round-Up, February 28th at Borrelli's! Feb 14, 2012 Feb 29, 2012
EAST MEADOW KIWANIS CLUB $$$ ~REVERSE RAFFLE~ $$$ News Grand prize $2,500. Please support us! Feb 7, 2012 Apr 25, 2012
EMK Pancake Breakfast 2012 News Please support us and attend our Pancake Breakfast on March 11th, 2012. Feb 7, 2012 Mar 11, 2012
Passport to Membership Growth: Business Person Reference Home Passport to Membership Growth: Members Click Hear to Refer a Business Person for Membership! Jan 28, 2012 Mar 18, 2012
Name that Tune! News Informational Flyer for Name That Tune event on January 20th, 2012 at 7PM Dec 30, 2011 Jan 21, 2012
It's Been a Little Busy News Nov 30, 2011
Make Membership Dues Payments or Donate by Credit Card Here! Home Code for donation and dues payment section via PayPal. Nov 15, 2011
Live, Serve and Honor News 'With the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 tragedy the television was filled with commemorative..." Sep 20, 2011
EMK Donates to The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Home Please support our efforts to make a donation the The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Jun 28, 2011 Aug 22, 2011
Roaring Into Summer News It has been a busy few months and now summer is upon us! To kick off the start of spring we jump..." May 31, 2011
Pasta Night May 13th News Mar 16, 2011 May 14, 2011
2011 Golf Outing News Mar 7, 2011
Richard Forenza Memorial Fundraiser News Feb 28, 2011 Mar 2, 2011
Pancake 2011 News Feb 9, 2011 Mar 15, 2011
Pancake Breakfast News Pancake Breakfast March 13 8:30 to 11:30 am Feb 8, 2011 Mar 14, 2011
Name that tune News Name that tune Jan 3, 2011 Jan 22, 2011
A Time for Giving! News East Meadow Kiwanis Food Drive – Waldbaum’s & Pathmark Nov 16, 2010
Chamber Holiday Lighting Ceremony News Nov 16, 2010 Dec 9, 2010
Holiday Party - 2010 News Nov 16, 2010 Dec 7, 2010
Another Year in Review News "It doesn’t seem like another Kiwanis year should be over but yet it is. October 1st..." Oct 31, 2010
Culinary Delights 2010 News Sample some of the finest cuisine Sep 20, 2010
2010 President's Project Plan: A Garden of Hope News Our club will be planting a garden in Eisenhower Park with MADD to help stop drunken driving. Aug 21, 2010 Oct 30, 2010
ANNUAL FAMILY PICNIC AND FELLOWSHIP DAY News Free event for all of our members and their guest in appreciation of their service. Jul 19, 2010 Jul 26, 2010
Golf Out Flyer - 2010 News Jul 19, 2010 Jul 27, 2010
Golf Out Flyer - 2010 News Jul 19, 2010 Jul 27, 2010
Golf Outing News East Meadow Golf Outing Jul 19, 2010 Jul 27, 2010
picnic 2010 News Jul 19, 2010 Jul 26, 2010
Days of Summer News "It was a busy lead up to and start of the summer. Our club is hard at work doing all we do for" Jul 13, 2010
We Remember News "Famous people are typically remembered in history books but what about the unsung heroes" Apr 27, 2010
Roast of the Governors News Roast of the Governors Mar 15, 2010 Mar 25, 2010
New Membership Round Up a Great Success! News Feb 24, 2010
Name that tune fundraiser Feb 5 2010 News Name that tune fundraiser Feb 5 2010 Jan 11, 2010 Feb 6, 2010
K-Kids 2009 Holiday Service News A holiday video of Bowling Green's K-Kids Club (an East Meadows Kiwanis' sponsored youth program) Dec 30, 2009 Feb 18, 2010
We Didnt Start the Fire News So how did this all begin? In our 58th year do you think about whom some of our members were... Dec 29, 2009
K-Kids - Our Commitment to the Future Sponsored Programs Our club's sponsorship of K-Kids is more than just community service, it's a commitment to helping build a strong future. Dec 7, 2009
Thanksgiving History From Fall Feast to National H News "The first American Thanksgiving was celebrated in 1621, to commemorate the harvest reaped by..." Nov 17, 2009
CULINARY DELIGHTS! News Aug 25, 2009
Kiwanis Family Picnic July 25 2009 News Kiwanis Family Picnic July 25 2009 Jul 16, 2009 Jul 27, 2009
A Few Days in the Life at International Convention News Jun 30, 2009
Pancake Breakfast Success!!!!! News "Thanks to all who helped make our annual pancake breakfast a great success! Kudos..." Apr 21, 2009
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MR. PRESIDENT!! News "Thanks to IPP Liz Fries and First Lady Lisa Santer, the club surprised President Rich with a..." Feb 28, 2009
Neither Snow Nor Rain Nor Heat Nor Gloom of Night News stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds. This years Holiday... Dec 30, 2008
East Meadow Kiwanis Club Video: 2007-08 Year In Review News Click here to view the 2007-08 East Meadow Kiwanis Dec 4, 2008
Happy Thanksgiving! News Is turkey on your Thanksgiving or holiday menu? Many food poisoning cases are... Nov 25, 2008
Happy Halloween! News Our annual Halloween party was a great success. We had many crazy costumes as evidenced by the... Nov 24, 2008
Holiday Food Drive News Holiday Food Drive Nov 3, 2008 Nov 24, 2008
You Gotta Have Friends! News "It is that time of year again. Many Kiwanis installations, fundraisers, etc. but we need to..." Sep 30, 2008
Summer Wrap-Up News "OK, so where do we start? Well, it has been a busy summer. Going back to June 14th, Community..." Aug 26, 2008
Mini Golf outing News LISC Mini Golf Outing Aug 2, 2008 Aug 22, 2008
A March thorough April, May and Pride Day News "Attending a weekly East Meadow Kiwanis meeting is akin to attending a potluck dinner or a grab..." Jun 24, 2008
Spagetti Dinner June 8th News Spagetti Diner locatesd at the EMFD Headquaters all you can eat $7/pp May 7, 2008 Jun 9, 2008
Visitors from our EMHS Key Club! News President Matt Vogel and President-Elect Alexis Alterman were in attendance at our clubs meeting... Apr 22, 2008
Visitors from the Ukraine! News "President Spunky Liz Fries welcomed truly international Kiwanis visitors from Kiev in the..." Mar 31, 2008
Biggest Loser News Feb 6, 2008 Feb 11, 2008
What Its All About News Everyone who has ever been a part of Kiwanis knows all too well that December is the month the... Jan 29, 2008
Membership Roundup News Membership roundup Dec 21, 2007 Jan 23, 2008
A Time For Giving and Thanks News "When the month of November arrives, the pace of a Kiwanian is put into overdrive. Between..." Dec 11, 2007
In With The Queen And Out With The Ween News As any Kiwanian with a pulse can tell you, October is the month that witnesses the changing of... Nov 20, 2007
Halloween Party News 2007 Halloween Party! Oct 29, 2007 Nov 30, 2007
Now For Something Completely Different News Oct 9, 2007 Oct 9, 2020
Unconventional News "So the recent convention, which occurred August 15th through 19th in lovely downtown Buffalo..." Sep 18, 2007 Sep 18, 2020
JELL-O News "The club once again held its free family picnic for all members under the mushrooms..." Aug 21, 2007 Aug 21, 2020
Kiwanis International knows how to throw a party! News "Well most of us arrived in San Antonio on time except for those, like Governor Joe Corace..." Aug 1, 2007 Aug 1, 2020
Cliff and John Honored for Their Service News It was a regular meeting except that our usual reception staff, Cliff and John, were... Jul 8, 2007 Jul 8, 2020
Old But Good News News Sorry fellow Kiwanians, some scribes scribble faster than others, but here it is. Jun 26, 2007 Jun 26, 2020
Acting President Tom Gallagher Does the Honors... News Acting President Tom Gallagher Does the Honors... May 29, 2007 May 29, 2020
A Diamond in the Rock and Rough News At the Spiritual Aims Dinner held at Villa Della Nonna restaurant in place of our regular... May 22, 2007 May 22, 2020
He's Back News I am very proud to have been asked to write this newsletter. This is the first one I have.... Apr 25, 2007 Apr 25, 2020
Sold! News "It was a starry night when East Meadow Kiwanis held its first ever art auction..." Apr 10, 2007 Apr 10, 2020
Not Your Average Joes News Our most recent Membership Round-Up was more memorable than most..... Mar 21, 2007 Mar 21, 2020
Lt. Gov. Warren Kalmensons Big Night News President Dr. Steve Perrick made several announcements, prominent among them was the great time... Feb 25, 2007 Feb 25, 2020
Speak Softly and Carry a Big Heart News Due to a scheduling malfunction, yours truly was not able to attend the LISC Testimonial Dinner... Feb 13, 2007 Feb 14, 2020
Live Art Auction News Live Art Auction Feb 2, 2007 Mar 14, 2007
Texas Holdem News Texas Holdem Feb 1, 2007 Feb 2, 2007
Three Stars On The Same Night Shine Brightly News After a few regular weekly meetings, where attendance was sparse, East.... Jan 31, 2007 Jan 31, 2020
East Meadow Kiwanis Home Page Home Home page with video and dues/donation links. Jan 18, 2007
Holidays Are For The Children News The holidays are for the children and our club made sure that was the case again this year... Jan 2, 2007
Gazette: December 19, 2006 News "Getting Into the Holiday Spirit" - On December 12th, members of East Meadow Kiwanis and East Meadows Chamber of Commerce got together at LaNovella to celebrate the holiday season. There was good fo Dec 19, 2006
Gazette: November 28, 2006 News "95 + 500 = Many Happy Thanksgivings" - Those were the numbers being banded about during one very successful weekend for our club. East Meadow Kiwanis is now running at full tilt during this holiday Nov 28, 2006
Gazette: November 14, 2006 News "A Three Hour Tour of Camaraderie, Comedy and Chaos!" - Our meeting which occurred on Halloween was in some ways reminiscent of 1960s sitcom television. It was amazing to see how DPG Peter Mancuso Nov 14, 2006
Gazette: October 31, 2006 News "GOBBLE!!!!! GOBBLE!!!! A Tidbit of Traditional Thanksgiving Food in History" - Contrary to the popular belief, the pumpkin pie, cornbread, roasted turkey and all the Thanksgiving paraphernalia that Oct 31, 2006
Gazette: October 17, 2006 News "Two Down, Fifty To Go (Its a long season)" - In spite of a small announced crowd of 15,487 (including Midget Mets and Yankee Juniors), Dr. Presidents second meeting was not without its liveliness Oct 17, 2006
Gazette: October 10, 2006 News "The Best Yet" - As one president enters another one leaves, or more accurately as Alan quipped: Now I get to sit in the cheap seats. President Dr. Alan Alterman became Immediate Past President Oct 10, 2006
Gazette: September 26, 2006 News "What Kiwanis Is All About" - Every week or so, we all try to attend our local Kiwanis meetings. Some clubs make their plans during breakfast, lunch or dinner. Our club loves to sing wherever we may Sep 26, 2006
Gazette: September 12, 2006 News "GIVING IS WHAT ITS ALL ABOUT!!" - Throughout the year we as Kiwanians, perform and attend many functions, some of which raise funds. Some of these are minor and some are MAJOR. One of the most re Sep 12, 2006
Gazette: August 29, 2006 News "One Another" - Fellowship Night, which took the place of a normal Tuesday night meeting, is a time to simply be with friends. The normal goings-ons of a weekly meeting are mostly removed and members Aug 29, 2006
Gazette: August 15, 2006 News "Under the Shrooms" - At meeting which occurred on August 8th, President Alterman welcomed prospective new member Steve Katz who was a guest of John Walsh, a fine new addition to our club. He also wel Aug 15, 2006
Gazette: July 20, 2006 News "PRAYERS FOR BOB CUMMO Mr. Key Club Bob Where Are You Now? a memorial poem by East Meadow Kiwianian Deborah Riffkin Jul 20, 2006
Gazette: July 11, 2006 News "A FOND FAREWELL.BOB CUMMO (1941 2006)" - On July 5, 2006, Super Distinguished Past Lieutenant Governor and Distinguished Past President Robert D. Cummo, also known as Bob, passed away. Bob was the Jul 11, 2006
Gazette: June 20, 2006 News "Welcome & Salutations" - Dr. President or is it President Dr. Alan., opened the meeting which occurred on June 13th by welcoming all dignitaries in attendance, which were Lt. Gov. Warren Kalmenson Jun 20, 2006
Gazette: June 13, 2006 News "Pride Day Preparation" - President Alan Alterman presided over another good turnout at the Empress Diner for our meeting of June 6, 2006. He gave thanks for a $500.00 donation to our club for Kamp Ki Jun 13, 2006
Gazette: June 6, 2006 News "March!" - Well the parade was awesome. On May 28th East Meadow Kiwanis showed up for the towns Memorial Day parade in grand style. Over 20 Kiwanians participated and were led by Sonny Coviello and Jun 6, 2006
What we do News Jun 5, 2006 Feb 27, 2020
Gazette: May 23, 2006 News "STILL REPORTING ON SOME OLD NEWS" - At our May 2nd meeting President Alan was in rare form. After a very successful Turn Back The Clock Night with DPP Steve Eisman, our President finally decided May 23, 2006
Gazette: May 16, 2006 News "OLD NEWS BUT GOOD NEWS!" - On our April 11th meeting, we were very fortunate to have guest speaker Dorian Stern, Development Director of the Foundation for Sight & Sound, talk to our club membership May 16, 2006
Gazette: May 2, 2006 News "A SHORT MEETING" - The meeting of Tuesday, April 18th was a fun filled, action packed, overly crowded and a very fulfilling meeting. Did I forget to say short? The room was filled with many gues May 2, 2006
Gazette: April 14, 2006 News "Despite Our Differences We Still Can Make a Difference" - When I started to think about writing this newsletter based upon the events of the meeting held on March 28th I thought at first about all th Apr 14, 2006
Gazette: April 5, 2006 News "East Meadow Challenger League Visits" - On behalf of East Meadow Kiwanis President Alterman donated $1000 to the East Meadow Challenger League again this year. The donation has become a tradition for Apr 5, 2006
Original Charter Certificate 1 News Here is a copy of the original charter certificate of the East Meadow Kiwanis Club dated April 26th 1952. There were 26 members who signed this document many years age. Mar 31, 2006
Neither Pestilence, Disaster o News "Neither Pestilence, Disaster or Rain Can Stop Us" - Our annual pancake breakfast held on March 12th at East Meadow High School got off to an ominous start. First, DPP Jay Steinmetz came to the brea Mar 28, 2006
Happy Valentines Day News "Happy Valentines Day" - Tonight (February 14th) President Alan welcomed honored members from our club, old and new members and their guests. Many couples attended and were treated to a romantic even Mar 14, 2006
Texas Holdem News Texas Hold'em March 31th Mar 1, 2006 Mar 21, 2006
Gazette: February 21, 2006 News "American Idol - Sing along with President Alan" Seaford & Merrick Clubs dont think so... Feb 21, 2006
Gazette: February 16, 2006 News "No Taxation Without Explanation" Feb 16, 2006
Look whos talking? News "Look whos talking?" Feb 7, 2006
Club Sponsors Builders Clubs Sponsored Programs Builders Clubs help to build the leaders of tomorrow... today. Jan 28, 2006
Founding of Club Club History A short history of our club. Jan 28, 2006
K-Kids - Our Commitment to the Future Sponsored Programs Our club's sponsorship of K-Kids is more than just community service, it's a commitment to helping build a strong future. Jan 28, 2006
Mid Winter Conference Coming! News The annual Mid Winter Conference, a time to learn more about Kiwanis and renew old friendships... learn more here. Jan 28, 2006 Mar 20, 2006
Our Club supports Key Club Sponsored Youth Sponsored Programs Introduction to our work with Key Club sponsored youth groups. Jan 28, 2006
CPR/AED Class News Jan 27, 2006 Oct 1, 2006
They Call and We Answer News They Call and We Answer Jan 25, 2006
Blessings Received News Blessings Received Jan 17, 2006
New Years New News News New Years New News Jan 10, 2006
President gets his Gavel Back! News President gets his Gavel Back! Jan 3, 2006
Our Children Serve the Childre News Our Children Serve the Children of the World Dec 5, 2005
Quite a Convivial Meeting News Quite a Convivial Meeting Nov 29, 2005
President Alan missing his Gav News President Alan missing his Gavel Oct 18, 2005
"Appreciate then Celebrate" Vo News Appreciate then Celebrate Oct 4, 2005