PO Box 9
East Meadow, NY 11554
East Meadow
Meetings: Every Tues. at 7:15·Empress Diner·East Meadow, NY·Telephone: 516-849-3466


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Community service is our primary goal. At the Kiwanis Club of East Meadow, we strive to fulfill the Kiwanis vision of changing the world, one child and one community at a time.Through the participation of ourmembers, we've helped to educate our children, support our community, and establish ourselves as the premier service organization in East Meadow. Here on our web site, you can find out about how we're working to accomplish this mission and why. Over the years, we've completed numerous community service projects. We send 33 children each year to a week of sleep away camp at Kamp Kiwanis. Since 1981 we have sponsored an annual Senior Thanksgiving Dinner serving over 500 seniors. Distributing over 90 holiday food baskets three times per year to needy families. Providing $8,000 in scholar-ships to students in our community each year with a total to date of over $104,000. This is but a short list of our many accomplishments. We welcome you to come visit us at our weekly meeting every Tuesday night at 7:15pm at the Empress diner in East Meadow.‚Äč 





East Meadow Kiwanis through time...

 We serve the senior citizens of our community and this year's honorees are none other than past School Superintendent Dr. Frank Saracino and his wife Joan.  SDLG Mickey yucks it up a the 2008 Halloween party.  Debbie, Gary, Janine & Barry whipping up some eggs at the pancake breakfast.   Jessica and Nicolas Mancuso, President Jim and FL Susie's kids.  The two Mitchells:  DDP Skoller and Treasure Allen.  Hon. Tony Falanga receives a Legion of Honor Award for his long and outstanding service to our club.  A before picture of the garden.  Holiday Food Drive - 2007  Over 4000 pounds were collected during this year\'s Thanksgiving food drive.  Fred & Mel receive recognition from Past Pres. Jay  Halloween 2007  Diane Andersen receives her apron from Gov. Dave and her sponsor Rich Santer  EMK FFL and current Levittown President Lisa Santer receives her bouquet.  East Meadow Kiwanis Activities 2013-14 10  This year's Pride Day Homecoming Queen (and every other year for that matter) is none other than DPP Liz Fries.  Ronald MacDonald House cook JoAnne  Walter Skinner Sr. , Glenn Carpentier & friend enjoying themselves at the picnic  Board of Directors get their pins  Servers Gary Fromowitz, DPP LIz Fries and Debbie Coates.  Garden of Hope during construction and planting 25